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Circular Area Rugs

Circular Area Rugs

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Circular Area Rugs

Feathery Carpet with Elastic Support - The greatest component of this material is its incredibly delicate touch particularly when you stroll on it. This non-abrasiveness comes from a large number of 1.7" rich filaments. 

Ideal for Youngster's Room: Do you have a little one who is partial to playing on the floor? Provided that this is true, This is a "should purchase" for your children! Its clear tone and fuzzy appearance are wonderful to improve a youngster's room. In the mean time, our rich mat likewise offers warmth and solace among kids during their cheerful time!

Since this rug comes with a vacuum packaging bag, it’s normal to see the fibers on the rug is not fluffy enough and there will be some creases. Please lay it flat for 2 to 3 days and wait patiently for its recovery.

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Customer Reviews

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Vallie Kunde

Very soft

Roslyn Rowe

11/12 After 12/1 days contact me ~ (original 11/30 arrival scheduled that) Color pictures so like this please, living Room in colored did the food bowl food bowl, is full of pretty four key ^^ low best Price well bought. The bike accident too love lug year more bought it-make you satisfied

Earline Ullrich

The material is super soft and looks strong. Not too dense. Fast shipping. Vámot, áfát nem kellett fizetni házhozszállításkor, amit egy futár cég végzett.

Antonetta D'Amore

The carpet is perfect. It's so fluffy, I just want to lay on it all day. And the bottom is good as well. It looks exactly like the picture. Good quality for a good price.

Myrl Olson

I order for the second time, now I'm different in color. Soft and pleasant to the touch. Delivery just very fast