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Artificial Tulip Bouquet Decor

Artificial Tulip Bouquet Decor

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Tulip Decor Set

Amount: Bundle incorporates 28 computers Multicolor Tulips Counterfeit Blossoms Artificial Tulip Stems Genuine Feel PU Tulips. These are individual stems, simple to orchestrate. You can utilize them alone in single stem blossoms or in mixes.

Quantity: These phony tulips arrive in a multicolor blend of white, pink, yellow, orange, red, rose red and purple. These are a fantastic choice when you really want an eruption of variety, as they can match your different designing undertakings.

Size: Each Artificial Tulip Stem measures approximately 14" tall, fitting pleasantly in a medium size jar. The different shaded tulip blossom buds are 1.8" long and 1" in width.

Material: Made of PU material, these multicolor tulips have a genuine surface and a lot sturdier feel than ordinary silk blossoms. The adaptable stem permits you to twist and orchestrate the tulip blossoms in a sensible manner. In contrast to genuine tulips that blur and lose their petals following a couple of days, these similar fake tulip blossoms will remain new until the end of time.


artificial tulip flower bouquet decor set

artificial tulip flower bouquet decor set 2

artificial tulip flower bouquet decor set 4

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Funk

its beautiful

Nikolas Koepp

quick combine delivery

Summer Wuckert

Small, so-so, expected the best. Buy also narcissy, not enough of the tulips

Harvey Raynor

The leaves are falling off but overall I'm satisfied

Jessika Streich

Первый раз заказала оранжевые, но решила дозаказать красные ещё. Букет получился супер. От настоящих не отличить.Присутствует запах резины.Продавец сразу отправляет заказ. Рекомендую .