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3D Skull Silicone Mold Ice Cube Maker

3D Skull Silicone Mold Ice Cube Maker

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3D Skull Ice Cube Maker

1. Make your beverage a cool search for quite a while and make it cool - ideal for parties, bars, eateries, summer, celebrations, and occasion gifts. Whisky for dependable ice, mixed drink parties, chilled espresso, chilled tea, natural product juice, punching, pop, and water. Top off the plate with ice to upgrade your beverage with shaded natural products or spices.

2. Made of flexible high-grade silicone - FDA endorsed, 100 percent without BPA, non-harmful, food-grade fixed, can be utilized in microwaves, and broiler warming. This strong, adaptable silicone ice plate, plastic ice plate; is simple to fill, dismantle and clean without breaking or harming. 

This 3D ice solid shape configuration stencil will add a blast to you and your visitor's drink.
The frozen yogurt 3D square keeps your beverage cool, so this explosive will keep your beverage cool without consuming its fragrance.

3. Impeccably add to any drink bourbon, mixed drinks, blended beverages, juices, and then some. This is an ideal size, the littlest glass size that can be tracked down in any cooler.
An ideal gift - the plan 3D square of frozen yogurt makes a gift for an extraordinary individual, kid, or fighter.

4. A huge shape will liquefy for quite a while. This metal will keep your beverage cool and not let every one of the flavors grow.

5. Optimal size - this ice projecting will be finished in the littlest glass size and the room will be viewed as in any of the biggest fridges.

6. Sturdy, made of top-notch silicone, which has strength and adaptability.
Simple to utilize water, put water into the form, and put it in the cooler

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Rogelio Gutmann

All OK. Recommend

Riley Abernathy

Fast delivery, it's really great. I will try and I will put other pictures after. I love they're too cute. But the camera can't show reality.

Jacquelyn Jerde

Super fast shipping to Poland in 12 days after order Goods well protected Recommend

Keara Wisoky

Super fast shipping to Poland in 12 days after order Goods well protected Recommend

Athena O'Reilly

llego antes de tiempo